• March 2020. The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that applications for the Leadership in the Valley (LITV) class of 2021 has opened. Applications will close on May 31, 2020.

    The LITV program is designed to bring emerging and existing leaders together who welcome the opportunity to expand their involvement in community affairs and are willing to explore new leadership responsibilities in the community, enhance and grow their personal leadership skills, form beneficial professional relationships, stimulate an understanding of the forces and trends affecting the area, and become involved with a community project.

    The inaugural cohort is in their 7th month of the program with Business and Economic Development Day coming in March, Government Day in April, Agriculture and Environment Day in May, with a graduation ceremony on May 14, 2020, at the Royal Club. The first 6 months included a reception and Kick-off, Community and the Arts Day, Public Safety and Law Day, Diversity Day, Health and Wellness Day and Education Day. Regarding Public Safety and Law Day, Calyssa Hall, Executive Director of the Zephyr Theatre states, “This is a day that will not be forgotten. I have always had incredible respect for our first responders and law enforcement, but I now have ten times more. I feel as though every citizen should experience and understand what we were fortunate enough to be given through this program. The speakers were excellent and got straight to the core and inner workings of the community in which we live and serve and do business in. So few people get the luxury of having a top view over the city's heartbeat. I am very grateful.”

    “According to the US Chamber of Commerce, sixty-six percent (66%) of Chamber of Commerce’s across the country offer leadership programs and now the Stillwater area is among them,” says Robin Anthony the Executive Director of the Chamber. Established and new businesses continue to look for collaborative opportunities to strengthen their community connections, to promote their business, and to provide a means to give back to their community. “This program fits perfectly in our culture and community” states Anthony.

    The LITV program consists of a nine-month commitment, one-day a month, with day-long sessions and requires a personal investment to the community and LITV classmates. The curriculum design of each program day session includes a theme with topics as mentioned above. The LITV Program will also require the students to participate in a community project during the program. Cohort learners will break into smaller groups and throughout the nine-month leadership program will meet independently to participate on a community project that they will present at graduation. The cohort learners will make a difference in the community by giving back, learning, developing leadership skills both personally and professionally.

    Participants will be exposed to the challenges, opportunities and vital issues affecting the valley. The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce serves cities from Marine on St. Croix to Afton, Bayport, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Lakeland Shores, Stillwater and all the townships in the region. We invite all residents and businesses an opportunity to apply for the LITV program.

    More information on applying can be found at the www.greaterstillwaterchamber.com website.


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