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    Handcrafted, non-toxic skincare that delivers noticeable results.

    Founder Meg DiMercurio, lover of organic farming, botany and biologically formulating products based on skin cells for whole body health, is the foundation, the core behind the brand.

    When Meg's daughter was born with a severe skin disorder in 2008, she faced decisions on how to treat and care for her little one. As time progressed and there was little to nothing on the market that treated her skin without harsh chemicals, she took to her biological and plant based background to start formulating products that matched her daughter's skin cell structure, ultimately nourishing her skin back to health.

    Taking to her local, Minnesota farmer's markets, she developed and formulated products her customers longed to find, just like her and ModernRoots was born.

    A company rooted in herbal and animal traditions that has worked for thousands of years with ancestors before us, yet made with modern actives and skin intelligence. Meg expanded her plant varieties and raised animals that reflected the quality she expected for skin and well-being.

    Today, ModernRoots continues to grow into physical store locations with an online store accessible to all. Customers enjoy true, biologically formulated body care to nourish, mend and repair from the outside in.


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