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    At Better Place Forests, our mission is to inspire everyone to leave a meaningful legacy for the planet and the people they love. We are the end-of-life company that built America’s first conservation memorial forests –– beautiful, sustainable alternatives to cemeteries for people who choose cremation. Better Place Forests helps people write a better end to their story and establish a lasting legacy while conserving some of the most iconic natural land in North America. For more information, visit www.betterplaceforests.com.

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    This stunning forest includes 2,500 feet of lakefront forest bordering Fish Lake in Scandia
    Located in Scandia, MN, just 45 minutes outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul, this stunning property features 112 acres of lush greenery, 2,500 feet of lakefront forest and an incredible variety of trees including oaks, maples, and paper birches
    Find your tree online or tour the forest
    Honor your loved one in a place that is full of beauty and life
    Our staff is available to support you and your loved ones in the forest and online
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