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    Cintas helps businesses of all types and sizes get Ready for the Workday® -with products and services that enhance our customers’ image and help keep their facilities clean, safe and looking their best.

    *A welcoming entrance and clean, dry floors are important to your customers. No other rental mats can compare to the performance and quality of our High Performance Series™ Mats.

    *Whether they’re being used to clean automotive parts or restaurant counters, towels and wipers are relied on frequently during the workday. But that doesn’t mean managing them has to take up your day. With industry-leading Towel and Wiper Service from Cintas, you’ll always have high-quality wiping products on hand exactly when you need them…without the distraction of laundering, ordering, stocking and storing. Plus, by having fresh towels and disposable wipers routinely delivered to your facility, you won’t have to worry about upfront inventory investment — and you can rest assured that we’ll customize your program to fit your cleaning habits.

    *A fully stocked restroom contributes to a clean restroom. Lack of restroom supplies is one of the most common customer complaints and leads to a dirty restroom. That's why Cintas is dedicated to providing services designed to make sure your business is appropriately stocked with a variety of essential restroom supplies.

    *Microfiber cleaning tools are clean, safe and convenient. Cintas and Rubbermaid™ have partnered to create microfiber mops and wipes, bringing you best-in-class service, combined with industry expertise. The Cintas microfiber cleaning system makes the mundane process of cleaning more efficient, safe and easier for your employees with our revolutionary products. Cleaning tasks will be completed in a fraction of the time with less effort, saving on labor and resources.

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