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    Pete Widin, MLA is an edible & native landscape designer at Artisan Environments LLC. He believes that a core answer to climate change and confusion in the world today is through deeper connection with nature, and where our daily food and preventative medicine come from.

    He helps property owners DIY their landscape with low maintenance, productive plantings that provide nourishment for humans and wildlife alike. He's also passionate about creating gathering spaces for homeowners to enjoy seasonal beauty while creating lasting memories with loved ones.

    Pete's background is in Applied Ecology (Michigan Tech) and Landscape Architecture (UM Ann Arbor), and he merges this foundation with extensive residential design and installation experience to create step-by-step plans for DIY homeowners. These plans not only look beautiful in their final form, but are also practical and well-paced in their phasing so that even homeowners who haven't done much gardening before can enjoy the fruits of their labor, and really relax in the final landscape rather than toiling on unnecessary maintenance.

    Pete's design influences draw from the native landscapes of the Midwest, and the St. Croix Valley where he grew up. Designers such as Piet Oudolf (Chicago's Lurie Garden, NYC High Line) and Frank Lloyd Wright are staple inspirations for the modern yet ''always been there'' aesthetic that Pete brings through for a rustic yet refined feel to designs that meet homeowners personal tastes. He focuses on the realities of the landscape and naturally reducing weed competition while creating seasonal interest and beneficial habitat for year-round enjoyment of the yard and garden.

    Pete is also active in Elderberry farming, working with growers in the St. Croix Valley to create profitable operations and improve the quality of life for small family farmers and their land.

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    Pete Widin
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