• Chamber Celebrates 10 Years with Healing River Chiropractic!

  • GREATER STILLWATER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE / PRESS RELEASE Chamber Celebrates 10 years with Healing River Chiropractic!                                   
    Dr. Kellie Seth, owner of Healing River Chiropractic, cut the ribbon at the Chamber ribbon cutting celebration on October 19th, 2023.  

    Stillwater, MN. The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce celebrated a 10 year anniversary for local business Healing River Chiropractic with a ribbon cutting celebration on October 19th, 2023. The event took place at 1903 Greeley Street South Suite 100 in Stillwater, MN with Dr. Kellie Seth, her family, staff, many clients, friends, Greater Stillwater Chamber ambassadors and staff. 

    Patient care at Healing River is built upon 3 pillars of health; Structural, chemistry and emotional, with specific techniques used for each area to help improve the clients health and well being.  Healing River uses a progressive model of holistic health care, addressing the patient's condition to restore the body's health naturally. They focus on pain and injury care, women's health, and family care.

    Dr. Seth emphasizes her support role in the healing process. “I don’t heal my patients - their body heals itself. My job is to help them figure out their condition and then work with the patient to develop and implement a care plan. We both have parts to play in that path to healing. I am a coach and supporter on their path back to health. I can give them the tools that they have to use in their life – but they have to take ownership.”

    If you are dealing with chronic pain and discomfort due to health issues that are impacting your quality of life, give Healing River a call and schedule a complimentary wellness consultation with Dr. Seth today, so you can have a happier tomorrow!


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