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1st Month Free - Paychex Payroll Services
Chamber Members will receive their 1st month completely FREE with Paychex's Payroll services
As many business owners know, running a business today is more difficult than ever. From finding and keeping the right employees, managing the ever-changing regulations and tax laws, and navigating the world of insurance takes massive amounts of time and resources. These issues can affect your productivity, growth, and ability to do what you do best-which is running your own business. Paychex payroll services will put more time in your day to have a more prosperous business. Stillwater Chamber Members, and their referrals, will receive the first month completely FREE plus additional incentives as well. Contact me, Sam Day, at 651-373-2509 for more information or by email at 
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phone: (651) 373-2509
Offer Valid: August 30, 2017August 30, 2018
Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

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