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    Jen Sletten, is a Registered Dietitian and owner at Stronger Wellness and Nutrition. She has been a staple in the St. Croix Valley Community helping individuals (both men and women) and families with their health and wellness for over 20 years. Jen has brought together an amazing team of motivating, compassionate individuals who you'll want to meet! We are passionate about helping you reach your health goals!

    Stronger Wellness and Nutrition provides the services and support you need to focus on WHOLE BODY HEALTH. What sets us apart is our team of true evidence-based EXPERTS in nutrition, fitness, and healthy mind who work along side of you.

    Nutrition: Though we have specialties, we are each your experts in nutrition! A sample of our specialties include: Medical Nutrition Therapy, Hormone Health, Healthy Weight and Vitality, Body Confidence and Self Esteem, Insulin Resistance, POTS, Pre Diabetes, Diabetes, Kidney Health, PCOS, Hashimoto's, Autoimmune Health, Brain Health, ADHD, Nutrition for Sleep & Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Disordered eating, Micronutrient Testing, Eating for your DNA, MRT Food Sensitivities, Gut Healthy, Meal Planning, Menopause, Sports Performance Nutrition, Body Recomposition and Fat Loss.

    Fitness: Our Trainers use our Fit Room for a variety of small group or 1:1 trainings such as; Strength and Safe Movement, Stretching and Flexibility, Effective Fat Loss, Fitness Planning, Mature Adult Fitness, Pain Management and Corrective Exercises, Mobility and Flexibility, and Effective Fat Loss.

    Overall Wellness: Other services we have to help support a healthy mind include a Psychologist Practitioner, Art Therapy, Meditation Room, Breathing Bubble, Brain Tap, Red Light Therapy, and an Infrared Sauna.

    We offer individualized consults, small group workshops, and classes to fit all needs and levels.


    • We help put the pieces of your health together!
    • Nutrition Expertise!
    • Fitness for ALL levels and ages!
    • Supports for a Healthy Mind!
    • Classes and Workshops through the year!


    Stronger Nutrition Wheel - we cover it all here!
    Located by Kowalski's and Mainstream Boutique we have easy parking!
    Our Front Desk- Can't wait for your visit!
    We have a multitude of classes to help you be stronger! See our events on our website or Chamber calendar.
    Jen Sletten, Stronger's Owner and Registered Dietitian
    Nutrition Counseling: Labs (vitamin D, Omegas), A1C, CGM, Micronutrient testing, Hormone testing, Gut and Food Sensitivities testing and Clean Eating Challenges.
    Our Fit Room for groups of 4 or less and treadmill.
    Our Fit Room for groups of 4 or less, and Infared Sauna.
    Kim Maxwell, Exercise Physiologist
    Alissa Nogle, Certified Personal Trainer
    "State of the Art" Redfit Gym Infared Sauna - to relax or large enough for some movement. Used for stress reduction, sleep improvement, pain relief, skin health, detoxification, circulation, anti-inflammation, weight  management, muscle recovery, and meditation.
    Our Joovv Red Light Therapy panels for inflammation and stress reduction, skin and hair health, improved blood flow, performance and muscle recovery, enhanced cellular function and more.
    Tranquility Room with Red Light Therapy!
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